From saddling to mustering

During the 5-day Jackaroo / Jillaroo school at Leconfield, you'll be trained in many new skills useful as a preparation for farm work. Or perhaps you've always wanted to learn how to ride horses, get to know the farm life in Australia, or perhaps you're looking for a peaceful place, surrounded by nature to recharge your batteries. All those wishes and more are fullfilled throughout the many activities at the farm. Not only will you get to learn and implement a lot of Natural Horsemanship methods, but you will also learn about the farm's surroundings, how to muster sheep and cattle, how to build fences, shear sheep, witness the working dogs at full speed, play games on horseback, and much much more.

natural horsemanship web    mustering web 
Daily Natural Horsemanship lessons by Tim Skerrett.   Sheep mustering and sheep husbandry.
barefoot web    lassoo 
Learn how to trim horses "barefoot" and have a go at it yourself!   A few lessons on throwing the lassoo is a step closer to becoming a Jackaroo / Jillaroo.
fence mending    mustering2 web 
Pasture improvement and fencing lessons.   Enjoy a long cattle muster ride through the Leconfield hills.
sheep shearing    bonding web 
Learn how to shear a sheep, right here, at the farm.   Bond with the horse assigned to you during the week's activities
whip cracking web    swimming 
Learn to crack the whip!   Take your horse for a swim in warmer months.
working dog    dinner 
See the working dogs in action while mustering sheep and cattle!   Get to know the other students while dinner is cooking over the camp fire.



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