Farm Work

Since many students that come our way are hoping to find farm jobs in Australia, we have an extensive network of employers.

For those of you who are looking to get a job after the school, the Work Placement Programme is available! During the school we have a chat about the type of work you are looking for and then we go through our list of available job contacts and will try to match you up! We don't guarantee work, but we will do our best to source you a job! Most employers start off with a week’s trial, and the type of work and the duration varies depending on the job. We also give you a reference at the end of your school which can assist you in your search for future jobs.

Some examples of our jobs are:

Cattle Mustering - 1,000 head of cattle to be mustered on motorbike or quad.
Jillaroo/Nanny - Three young children to be looked after three days a week, plus occasional gardening and stock work.

Jackaroo/Jillaroo - Mustering and pasture care on cattle station. Room, board and internet access.

Job Testimonials


Lisa from Germany

Lisa enjoyed a week at Leconfield in 2008 doing our farm training and loved it so much, she came back for more in 2014. Upon completion of the 5 day Jackaroo/Jillaroo school, Lisa was offered a job at another farm and now works with horses and helps to train them for camp drafting.

Jean from France

Also Jean came to the Leconfield 5 day Jackaroo/Jillaroo school, learned how to ride horses the Natural Horsemanship way, was eager to learn everything and anything that evolved farm work, which helped him to get a job offer at a farm in the region right after the school.

Craig & Chris

Craig & Chris just spent a week at Leconfield and were offered a job during that week. Right after the school these great guys were striaght off to their work at a farm in the region where they were able to work together. It was very important to them to find work at the same place, since these friends were traveling together. Leconfield can forward all your special requests to potential employers in the region!
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