A life experience in the Australian Outback

Tim Skerrett invites you to the Leconfield 5 day Jackaroo and Jillaroo school where he will teach you skills needed to do farm work work on Australian farms. Leconfield is the longest running Jackaroo and Jillaroo School in Australia. The five day school has broken in over 4000 Jackaroo hopefuls since 1997, many of which have gone on to secure farm jobs through Tim's job contacts.

Come and take part in farm training and enjoy five days of fun horseback riding, calf wrestling, lassoing and whip cracking like a real cowboy or cowgirl.

About Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship is about learning how the horse thinks and communicating with the horse using the horses own language. It is about creating a relationship between you and the horse where your horse does things for you because he/she wants to, not because they are forced to. A partnership where both parties have responsibilities to the other and from this a deep trust is developed where the horse accepts you and looks to you for leadership. This allows humans to enjoy a better partnership with their horse.


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