Programme at the Leconfield 5-day Jillaroo & Jackaroo School

Day 1:
* Pick up at 9.00 a.m. from Tamworth YHA in Tamworth
* A quick stop at a second hand store where you can buy cheap work clothes
* Introduction about our farm training and a cup of tea on arrival at Leconfield
* A grooming and saddling up lesson
* Lunch
* A lesson on Natural Horsemanship riding followed by a ride
including bush survival and local bush tucker

Day 2:
* Catch and saddle the horses
* A Natural Horsemanship lesson
* Barefoot trimming Lesson
* A whip cracking and lassoing lesson
* Lunch
* Before the ride we play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
* Mustering sheep on horseback
* A demonstration in using working dogs
* Trotting & cantering in the arena
* Games on horsesback
* A talk on sheep health and husbandry
* A sheep shearing lesson
* Preparation of sheep for meat

Day 3:
* A Natural Horsemanship lesson
* Pasture improvement
* Lunch
* Fencing or yard building

Day 4:
* Catch and saddle the horses
* We play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
* Mustering cattle on horseback
* Yarding and drafting cattle
* Lunch
* A talk on cattle breeds and husbandry
* A lassoing competition
* Wrestling, branding and marking calves

Day 5:
* A lesson on maintaining saddlery
* Catch and saddle the horses
* Swim the horses (in the warmer months)
* We play some Natural Horsemanship games with our horse
* Games on horseback
* A ride where we take the horses for a trot and a canter
*Muster cattle in for cow working in the arena
*Head to local pub for dinner around 6pm
* Return to Tamworth YHA around 9pm

All evenings are around the campfire with open-air camp oven cooked meals.

What to bring:
* a sleeping bag
* a towel
* your toiletries
* a hat or cap
* sunscreen & insect repellent in the warmer months
* swimmers
* a raincoat
* riding boots (optional)
* work clothes
* money for dinner at the pub on the Friday night and also extra money if you wish to purchase a USB ($25) at the end of the week that has photos of the school week or any extra snacks, such as chocolates/drinks/icy poles.

If you don't have work clothes for the job: we go to a second hand store on Monday

At Leconfield you can borrow boots there are limited sizes available.

A public phone card is required to make outgoing calls from the school as there is no mobile phone coverage. You will be able to be contacted on (02) 6769 4156

We do not guarantee a job at the end of the course but we will help you and give you the best opportunity to find farm work.

For any queries or emergencies please call our office on (02) 9281 2700

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