Tim Skerrett

Tim was born and raised on Leconfield, which has been in the Skerrett family for four generations. Since its founding in 1914, the property has grown to nearly 6,000 acres. Tim has been riding horses since he was five years old and began breaking in horses at the age of seventeen. He later went on to work in outback Queensland with cattle, sheep, and working dogs.

Tim's love of horses and passion for learning new skills led him to Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 1998. After reaching his Level 1 and 2 certification, he has trained all of Leconfield's horses with the Natural Horsemanship method.

Since opening his farm training programme in 1998, Tim has shared his knowledge of sheep and cattle, talent for horse training, and experience in farm work with thousands of students from all over the world.


Courtney Skerrett

In 2005, Courtney arrived at the Leconfield farm to work for Tim Skerrett. Falling in love with both Tim and the farm, she's now happily married, still works at the farm and looks after their two lovely kids, Blake and Margaret.

Courtney didn't learn to ride horses until she arrived at Leconfield, and it's been a joy ever since to learn all about Natural Horsemanship and to grab any opportunity to enjoy a ride or muster cattle with her favorite horse, Banjo.

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